Analysis of Current Situation

For the current situation analysis, the company’s procurement,supply, marketing,sales, people, product sales and applications are made, the forms used and delivered. Reliable when registering for the company. Recording media and used software cannot be used. The software is also grown and how much training is given.

System Modeling

It is the job of modeling each of the company’s operating processes on software in line with the current situation analysis made inside and outside the enterprise if necessary. At this stage, the data and data definitions that the processes will use are determined. The relations of the processes with each other, the information they send and receive, the data they will transmit and compile are determined. Data entry forms and transaction functions are determined.

Targeted Status Report

While making the current analysis report, the operations that the units and the management are aware of but not able to do are noted. E-yaz software presents these notes to the management by putting its own knowledge and experience into practice, as well as the data collection, processing and report creation and work flow processes that should be in the company, as well as recommendations, determinations, diagnoses and criticisms for the management systematics into a report with the main lines. After the management approves the report, the system modeling phase is started.